My passion and love for movement and choreography ignited when I was accepted into a collaborative performance/dance group as a teenager, where I was lucky enough to create contemporary choreography based on universal concepts and ideas, that was performed in the Next Wave Festival.  This experience gave me permission to dream big, trust my physical impulses and my creative intuition from a young age.  I went on to study dance as a professional, and also years of acting classes and intensive study in the Laban method.  This multi discipline background has heavily influenced my approach when working with a broad range of performers.

When choreographing actors, the movement crystallizes motivation and the physical incarnation of a character. In designing varying routines, I find inspiration from a character type, a story, an idea or a piece of music.  I also utilize the dance style and genre that best articulates a key creative idea, striving to find the most powerful movement that the dancer, performer or actor can confidently embody that facilitates the best out of them.

When instructing, I find the style I am most myself and drawn to share is what is commercial and current in the styles of Jazz Funk, Hip Hop and Lyrical Hip Hop.  I love big, funky, high energy, routines with some influences of Modern, Contemporary and Jazz, sprinkled and weaved throughout.  My passion is to develop choreography that accentuates people’s strengths, so they feel encouraged to transcend any hesitations and bring true personality to the dance floor.  I teach dance workshops when I’m in Melbourne in between projects and being a mum.