222 – Feature Film in production – Choreography of Aerial dance sequence - Choreographer – Lightstream Pictures

The Moon and The Sun – Feature Film – Choreographer for Pierce Brosnan and Kaya Scodelario - Paramount Pictures

Doritios Commercial – Superbowl Competition – Talent Choreographer - Director Mike Mikara

Angry Boys - Chris Liley Onset Choreographer - Princess Pictures/ABC/HBO/BBC

Summer Heights High – Chris Liley Choreographer - Princess Pictures/ABC/HBO/BBC

Logies – Summer Heights High Performance Assistant Choreographer - Choreographer - Tony Bartuccio - Channel 9

ROVE – Ryan’s Bits Choreographer - Channel 10

‘In it Together’ Music Video - Human Life Choreographer - Director - Dan Brophy

One Perfect Day Feature Film Choreographer – Director Paul Currie – Village Roadshow

101.9 Fox Fm commercial Choreographer - Austereo

‘Screen Stars’ Pilot Dance Choreographer – Lightstream Films


Intimo Lingerie – Choreographer for all Fashion Parades since 2012
March of the Penguins - Choreographer - Reach Foundation
Chicago Ball – Dancer & Choreographer - Reach Foundation
Aussie Spunks - Choreographer
Mishanda - All girl hip-hop crew - Dancer
Kick Boxing Championships - Dancer
Neil Young Concert - Myer Music Bowl - Dancer


Cardio Hip hop and Jazz - Moore Dance Studios – Brentwood L.A
Next Move Dance Studios 2005-2009 - Founder/Director/Owner
Dance Jam Festival – Creator & Choreographer
Generation 7 – Instructor



The Edge Performing Arts Centre (L.A), Debbie Reynolds Studios (Nth Hollywood), Millenium (L.A), Bartuccios Full Time Dance Course


Eric Morris Acting Classes(L.A), Laban Character Creation Course, Peter Sardi School of Acting, Actor Playhouse


UCLA Extension Entertainment Studies – Directing Certificate